Thursday, January 21, 2010

im xxlovelylegitespee on IMVU

this was fun.. day b4 my bdayy ooo EEE ;)
xXxMuireannxXx: circus
kinawolfgirl: :O
kinawolfgirl: KITTY!
xxLoVElyLEGiTESPeE: hhaha
xxLoVElyLEGiTESPeE: freak
xxLoVElyLEGiTESPeE: kityy leak <3
xxLoVElyLEGiTESPeE: milky
xxLoVElyLEGiTESPeE: drippin sweat
xxLoVElyLEGiTESPeE: milk <#3 mm
xxLoVElyLEGiTESPeE: ;yumm
xxLoVElyLEGiTESPeE: cookie
xXxMuireannxXx: wtf
xxLoVElyLEGiTESPeE: kitty
Guest_raver555: did u like the song kina
kinawolfgirl: lol yeah bro XD
xXxMuireannxXx: wat r u tlkin about
kate3259: ok im back
kate3259: gaga
silllykittyx3: Hai.
xXxMuireannxXx: hii
xxLoVElyLEGiTESPeE: haha
xxLoVElyLEGiTESPeE: lool
kinawolfgirl: KITTYY!
kinawolfgirl: HAIIIII!
kinawolfgirl: xD
xxLoVElyLEGiTESPeE: crazy like surpriseee
xxLoVElyLEGiTESPeE: caotic
kate3259: lol
xxLoVElyLEGiTESPeE: shes electric
xxLoVElyLEGiTESPeE: like watch dis
xxLoVElyLEGiTESPeE: her dancin
xxLoVElyLEGiTESPeE: and switchin dem hips
xxLoVElyLEGiTESPeE: i will make a hit
xxLoVElyLEGiTESPeE: if i can sing
xxLoVElyLEGiTESPeE: make a song -- sin**G
xxLoVElyLEGiTESPeE: stinkz.
xxLoVElyLEGiTESPeE: )))
xxLoVElyLEGiTESPeE: :{
kate3259: stfu
xxLoVElyLEGiTESPeE: haha
xxLoVElyLEGiTESPeE: oooo
Guest_raver555: -cough- someones a hater -cough cough-
kinawolfgirl: lol
xxLoVElyLEGiTESPeE: hah!
xxLoVElyLEGiTESPeE: tell me bout it
xxLoVElyLEGiTESPeE: thank u for talkin bout it
xxLoVElyLEGiTESPeE: matta fact
xxLoVElyLEGiTESPeE: speakin on it
xxLoVElyLEGiTESPeE: ;)
xxLoVElyLEGiTESPeE: props
xxLoVElyLEGiTESPeE: clap hands
xxLoVElyLEGiTESPeE: haha
xxLoVElyLEGiTESPeE: dance
kinawolfgirl: <.< my bro is taken so dont even think about it
Guest_raver555: lovely u sing ur heart out u shoudlnt give a damn waht she things
Guest_raver555: actually kina we broke up
Guest_raver555: she didien tlike long distance relationships
kinawolfgirl: NOW U TELL ME -.-
Guest_raver555: iv been busy
kinawolfgirl: lol
Guest_raver555: im actually taken in rl now
kinawolfgirl: ik xD
xxLoVElyLEGiTESPeE: Nobody
kinawolfgirl: so have i XD
xxLoVElyLEGiTESPeE: ty
xxLoVElyLEGiTESPeE: u like it
xxLoVElyLEGiTESPeE: haha ty
kinawolfgirl: thats good XD
Guest_raver555: love it
xxLoVElyLEGiTESPeE: im a aspiring MC
Guest_raver555: it was amazing
Guest_raver555: ud be great
xxLoVElyLEGiTESPeE: poet rapper w.e and just about w.e 2 ;)
Guest_raver555: im be a dj when i grow up
Guest_raver555: XD
xxLoVElyLEGiTESPeE: dats awsome!